Lisa is a fit and healthy 24-year-old, but after recently returning from Mexico, she found out that she had tested positive to coronavirus.

Despite the positive test results, Lisa has reported that she feels fine, showing almost no symptoms, and for her, this is the most concerning part.

Erin and Soda spoke with Lisa, who is currently in quarantine in Sydney.

“My friend’s the one that got sick. So when we landed in Sydney, her father thought it’d be best call him an ambulance just to have him checked out before we got on a flight back home,” Lisa told Erin and Soda this morning.

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“Obviously because I was travelling with him, they thought I’d be checked out too, regardless of having any symptoms. They told me that I had a bit of a temperature, but that was nothing that I could feel.”

Lisa says that she has been left to monitor her conditions, with health authorities giving minimal advice.


“Basically, just a number to call if my symptoms get any worse, and yeah, that’s honestly about it. Obviously, I have to stay put in Sydney for 14 days. But other than that, nothing too much.”

“They did say to me on the phone when they gave me my results they did say that being 24 I definitely have a bit of an advantage over other people, obviously, the older population. But I do have Crohn’s disease as well, which is meant to make the symptoms worse, but I can’t say that it did in me.”

The lack of symptoms, for Lisa, is one of the most concerning aspects of the disease. She’s urging anybody showing symptoms to seek advice from a doctor.

“I guess that is a bit concerning that there are…especially young people who can push through colds easily walking around with the virus and spreading it without even knowing,” Lisa continued.

“If you feel even the slightest symptoms, whether that be cold-like symptoms, flu-like symptoms, even just slightly tired, go get checked.”

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