With Premier Steven Marshall confirming just one new case overnight, South Australians are holding their breath in anticipation of what the massive numbers of new tests reveal in the coming days.

However, one person who remains cautiously optimistic about the cluster is the state’s chief public health officer Dr Nicola Spurrier.

She told Jodie and Soda this morning that while it is still too early to draw any conclusions about the scale or origin of the cluster, there is some reason to remain hopeful.

“It looks like we got this very, very early. And the reason I feel more confident about that is we’ve got again the serology testing or the blood testing back from the family and those positive cases,” Prof Spurrier told Jodie and Soda this morning.

“There’s a couple of family members where you’re just starting to see that antibody response kicking in. If these people had the infection for a longer period of time they would have a higher antibody response and that would mean they would be more out and about in the community for longer.”

And for any South Australians wondering how best to get through this, Prof Spurrier had this message: “Stay calm, stay alert, be patient with each other and if you have symptoms, if you wake up with a sore throat, please think of me and go and get yourself tested.”

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