Have you been wondering what it’s actually like to get tested for COVID-19?

Ever since we saw just how invasive it actually is to get a test for coronavirus, where the healthcare worker has to stick a swab pretty far up your nose, we’ve wondered what it’s actually like, with our guess being that it’s uncomfortable to say the least.

Like honestly, we were left thinking how on EARTH can that white swab go that far up someone’s nose? it doesn’t look even humanly possible! But anyway…

If there’s one person you can trust to give you a brutally honest review of something, it’s Kyle, who told listeners that he actually went to get a test at the drive through clinic in Bondi.

Kyle explained that when he showed up to get his test done, the place was pretty much deserted.


“Not one other person there! No traffic waiting, no cars behind me, no cars in front of me, everyone dressed up in their medical gear with the big white tents,” Kyle explained.

“I drove in and drove out.”

Jackie mentioned that the one thing she has been wondering is what the test actually feels like, but Kyle reassured her that it’s not actually as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

“The test looks horrific,” Jackie said.

“It’s not that bad,” replied Kyle. “You know they do stick it into your nose, but it’s not up in your brain like those callers told us that it felt like.”

“What did it feel like for you?” Jackie asked.


“Nothing. It felt like nothing,” Kyle continued. “I was thinking, ‘I’m going to choke, my eyes are going to hurt, it’s going to pierce my brain’, I was thinking all of these things but nothing.

“It’s like sticking a cotton bud into your nose. It’s nothing. Because even when they finished I was like, ‘Is that it?’”

Kyle was then told by the healthcare professional that he would receive a text in 72 hours if he is all clear, or he would receive a phone call if he tests positive so that he could quarantine himself.

And clearly, seeing as Kyle was in the office today, it was no surprise that Kyle’s test came back negative.

So overall, Kyle found the whole experience pretty simple, but he did have an idea for how they could make it even better and maybe encourage more people to get tested…

“What I thought would be a good idea with that Bondi drive through, to get some more attention is, you’ve got McDonald’s across the road with no drive through,” Kyle began.


“How about doing collab, where you get your cheeseburger meal and your virus check?”

Just imagine… Come get your test and your happy meal! You’ll be lovin’ it!

Hear more about Kyle’s coronavirus test experience in the podcast below!

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