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Those of us with a skin condition know keeping that scaly, red and itchy rash at bay can be a nightmare.

And while relying on a topical treatment is a fab way of keeping skin clear, the experts at Grahams Natural Alternatives tell us many skin conditions stem from inside our bodies.

Here’s their top tips for dealing with skin conditions like psoriasis, a common, chronic inflammatory disease which affects about 3% of the worldwide population!

Eat your greens

Research shows some antioxidant rich foods like garlic, onions, green leafy veggies, avocado and broccoli can actually prevent skin conditions caused by inflammation in the body.
Furthermore if you rock a diet high in anti-inflammatory foods such as berries, fish like salmon rich in omega 3 and nuts or seeds, can be great for psoriasis sufferers who experience inflamed skin as a result of their condition.

Foods to avoid

Hate to tell you, but it’s three of the best. Research shows gluten, sugar and alcohol can trigger a flare or worsen your existing symptoms. The team at Grahams Natural Alternatives say you might not have to give up completely, just start by limiting your intake to see if it can help reduce the symptoms, or at least avoid these foods while you’re psoriasis is bad.


Oil supplements

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, it is important to take an internal oil supplement full of fatty acids and omegas. The Grahams Natural Alternatives team recommend their mega oil to heal your body from the inside out.

Get outside

Regular exercise. Doing as little as 30 minutes of exercise a day can improve your mental and physical health – just remember to wash the sweat off any break out zones to avoid a flare out up when you can home.

Just give me the cream

Topical treatments will work best if you combine all of the tips above, but our fave is Grahams Natural Psoriasis Cream, which has been scientifically formulated to treat psoriasis naturally.