An Adelaide teenager who was due to fly to Sydney for a post-operative appointment in April, was dealt a further blow after her family was left out-of-pocket following the cancellation of their flights.

7News reports that the 17-year-old underwent two brain surgeries at Sydney’s Prince of Wales Hospital and were due to fly back in April, but had their flights cancelled as COVID-19 restrictions ramped up.

The family had re-drawed on their mortgage, spending over $50,000 on surgery, and requested a refund once their flights were cancelled.

However, despite agreeing to refund the flights, the family only received a part of the original cost.

Bronwyn Clelland told 7News that the deposits from Qantas into her account were not nearly the whole amount.

“I noticed that there were two deposits from Qantas in my bank account, for less than 60 dollars.

“We had paid over $700 for the flights.”


Qantas has admitted that they made an error and offered the Clelland family an apology while promising to refund the full cost immediately.

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