The highly anticipated and much-discussed COVID-19 vaccine rollout will being on SA on Monday.

The State Government has confirmed that those on the frontline, more than 12,000 people, will be first in line to receive the Pfizer vaccine. Starting from February 22, the first round of vaccines will go for three weeks.

The first 4000 vaccines will be housed at the Flinders Medical Centre and Royal Adelaide Hosptial hubs in ultra-cold storage fridges keeping the vaccines at -70C.

Over 1700 frontline workers who are considered ‘high-risk’ will receive the vaccine first from Monday including those working in hotel quarantine, airport workers and frontline health staff.

Premier Steven Marshall is optimistic the rollout will reach the targets.

“This is the largest logistic peacetime exercise in the history of Australia but because of all the planning work we have done, we expect this to rollout very, very smoothly,” he said.

There will be seven additional hubs opening throughout the next phases to cater to the larger influx of people. Commonwealth medical teams will attend aged-care facilities to provide them with their vaccines.


Police Commissioner Grant Stevens and chief public health officer Nicola Spurrier have highlighted the importance of getting vaccinated to easing current restrictions.

Mr Stevens said, “It is critical for us to see this vaccine get out as quickly as possible because it will be one of those significant triggers that see us being able to relax more restrictions.”

if we don’t have a good uptake of the vaccine, unfortunately the pandemic could drag on for a lot longer. So, definitely this is a really good reason to think about being vaccinated.” Prof Spurrier said.


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