As ambassadors for the Childhood Cancer Association, Jodie & Soda are aiming to help sell 950 pairs of socks to help fight against childhood cancer.

Every pair sold goes towards helping kids with cancer and their families as they fight through some very tough times.

Jodie and Soda had the chance to meet some of the people that the Childhood Cancer Association have helped this morning.

Charlotte is one of many parents to have received that horrible news about her daughter Zoe, she told Jodie and Soda about what the Childhood Cancer Association were able to do for her, Zoe and the family.

“They provided everything from some financial support, to just being there and being someone to talk to about all those fears that you might have. How do you work through some of the problems you’ve got?’ Charlotte told Jodie and Soda.

“How do you discuss with a child that you’ve got a life-threatening disease? Or how do you explain to them that suddenly Mummy and Daddy have to give you medicines that taste horrible and have to hold you down two times, three times a week while someone puts a needle in you?”

Speaking to Zoe, Jodie and Soda even had a little surprise for her and the family.


Hear Charlotte’s story and find out what the surprise was here:

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