As different businesses and pockets of society prepare to shut down following a new wave of COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, many families and teachers are asking why schools still remain open.

Erin and Soda spoke with a teacher who is shocked that schools remain open in the face of new, wide-ranging social distancing rules.

Penny (whose name we’ve changed to protect her anonymity) shared her feelings on the decision to keep schools open throughout this crisis.

“We absolutely thought that last week we wouldn’t be going to school on Monday with all the things that were coming out and were all very shocked to find out that, yep, schools were still open,” Penny told Soda and Erin.

“Obviously, in schools we can’t adhere to the 1.5 metre rule. We can’t adhere to all the rules that the rest of society is going by. So it kind of feels a bit strange that while the rest of the world adhering to these health guidelines it’s essentially impossible for us to do that within the school setting.”

Listen to the full chat with Penny here:


With politicians giving parents the choice to keep kids at home if they want to, Penny thinks that if you can keep kids at home, you should.

“Yes, if you’re able to and some people aren’t able to because they have to work, but if you are able to most schools have put together packs and have online resources available to parents so that you can continue to do, we don’t like to call it home schooling, because obviously parents aren’t teachers, but keep some sort of continuity in terms of learning happening at home.”

Finally, Erin and Soda asked Penny if she would close schools, given the choice. Her response: “Definitely, without question.”

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