With measures to tackle the escalating COVID-19 crisis being ramped up across the country, Premier Steven Marshall joined us to talk through what’s changed in Australia and South Australia.

In an unprecedented move, SA will be shutting its borders to interstate travel, with those entering the state subject to a 14-day self-isolation period.

However, the prospective closure of our schools is the topic on many people’s minds as kids continue being asked to attend.

Premier Marshall joined Erin and Soda this morning, and explained that while schools remain open for the time being, measures are being put in place for more social distancing among students.

Listen to the full interview with Premier Steven Marshall here: 

“Well the advice is that we still need to keep our schools open,” Premier Marshall told Erin and Soda.

“So schools in South Australia, schools in the nation will stay open but we do recognise that there are some parents who can look after their kids very well at home.”


“So we’re working as quickly as we can to get online resources, we often have students who have to be absent from school for long periods of time, so we have protocols in place to support that. What we’re trying now is to massively scale that up as quickly as possible. More social distancing, we need to be more flexible at this time.”

Premier Marshall went on to describe Australia as well-placed to tackle the pandemic.

“Australia is probably in the best position in the world for this because we lag behind what’s happening in the northern hemisphere by weeks or months. So we can learn the lessons.”

“As long as we all take this very seriously and we don’t have things like we saw on the weekend, where people, despite the restrictions that were put in people just said ‘I know better than this, I’ll be fine’. Well, they were saying that in Europe a couple of months ago and look where they are now. We just don’t want that in Australia.”

As for the photos of Australians continuing to visit beaches and bars over the weekend, the Premier said that they would need to “wake up very soon.”

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