The “Colonel” is OFFICIALLY shaking in his polished boots and grey goatee as Hungry Jacks launches a BRAND NEW chicken burger range!

They’re saying they’ve got three “bigger, thicker, crunchier, and juicier burgers” and I’m NOT among the complaining class of chicken burger connoisseurs on this one! How good!

According to a survey by HJ’s, almost HALF of Aussies (48%) are willing to give up one of life’s great pleasures for a succulent fried chicken burger! (And that includes the “hankey pankey” at 21%!) – I’ve never felt so seen!

Passionate fried chicken burger lovers are among the fastest growing group of Aussies, and Hungry Jacks is tempting the fried chicken lover in us all, with a burger range they’re saying is “40% bigger than it’s closest rival!”

Bold claims! But who am I to say?! It seems worth a shot!

There’s three varieties, Chicken Classic with crispy lettuce and mayo, Chicken Spicy with crispy lettuce and new Spicy Signature Sauce, and Chicken Cheesy Bacon with crispy lettuce, mayo, cheese, and bacon.


Jack’s Fried Chicken burger range is available from Hungry Jack’s stores nationwide from today, available to pick-up in-store, collect at drive-thru or order online for delivery on the Hungry Jack’s App or through Menulog, Uber Eats and Deliveroo.