Karl Stefanovic has abruptly ended a live interview with an anti-masker, saying: “I can’t listen to you”. 

The woman – who is best known for filming herself arguing with Bunnings staff about refusing to wear a mask – was invited on The Today Show to defend herself.

Lizzy Rose explained that her decision not to wear a mask stems from “personal choice”, stating that her “health comes first”.

“I have an exemption from wearing a mask,” the professional psychic explained.

“I noticed you mentioned in your clip that it was a heated argument at Bunnings. There was no heated argument at Bunnings at all. I was quite calm and within my rights to say what I said. I only started filming to protect myself because of what happened when I was surrounded by staff at Bunnings.”

She added, “I calmly entered the store and nobody approached me.”


“I went past three or four staff and nobody said or did anything before me. I was there for five minutes in the shovel aisle trying to work out what to buy before anything happened. I kept my documents with me in case anything happened.”

“I have never been asked to produce any documents before where I have gone before in shops or supermarkets. But I wasn’t being antagonistic at all.

“I stated what Daniel Andrews instructed me to state on the Department of Health and Human Services websites.

“If I have a medical issue or a reason to be exempt I can simply state that, and that is enough.”

A very frustrated Stefanovic responded saying, “You deliberately went into that place to antagonise workers who are literally just trying to do their bit for the country right now, and protect other people from passing on this killer virus”.


“You have espoused all these weird, wacko beliefs and unfortunately there are people out there who will side with you, and that is just irresponsible in this current climate!

“I can’t listen to you anymore!”

It was at that moment that the interview was abruptly cut short.

Watch the full video above!

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