It’s an honour to be chosen as a bridesmaid in a wedding. It means the bride truly values you and wants you to be a big part of her special day.

We’ll say it again… she wants you to be a part of HER special day.

Unfortunately, one bridesmaid did not get the memo on the ground rules and managed to steal the spotlight on the wedding day by revealing she was pregnant during her speech at the reception.

The bride took to Reddit to discuss the situation anonymously and explained that the bridesmaid, named Laura, first came clean after turning down some bubbly while the bridal party were getting married.

Unfortunately, Laura failed to keep her little secret on the down low during the photoshoot, posing in a while which showed off her baby bump. When asked to pick up flowers for a photo, Laura refused, saying she ‘prefered to stand like this’.

According to the bride, it only became worse at the reception. When Laura was asked to say a few words, she managed to find a way to announce her pregnancy to the whole room!

“And I’m so excited to announce that as the Bride’s best friend, I’d like her to be an honorary aunt to my baby who is due in Summer 2020!”


Everyone at the reception was excited, but the bride was left heartbroken. She revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Laura since.

Reddit users were in her favour and were blown away by her bridemaid’s actions. We wonder how this friendship will pan out for the future! If you want to see the full story, go here.