It’s fair to say that this year’s Anzac Day is going to be very different to the usual.

With social distancing rules in effect across the world, the typical dawn service will become a far more solo affair.

One initiative that has been gaining traction on social media is the Driveway at Dawn movement, which calls on people to stand at the end of their driveways to mark their Anzac commemorations.

Going one step further is the initiative being championed by trumpet-playing legend James Morrison who is urging Aussie musos to learn The Last Post and play it across our suburbs at dawn.

James Morrison says that the idea came off the back of the RSL urging everyone to commemorate the day from their frontyards.

“Well the idea came about, a mate of mine, Alastair Tonkins a great trumpet player and a teacher,” Morrison told Jodie and Soda this morning, recalling how he and Tonkins said that they should “play the Last Post so that people still get to hear it live.’

Listen to the full chat with James Morrison here:


“We’ve got thousands of musicians right across Australia now who have downloaded the music and are practising, getting ready to do this.

“The word got out there very quickly. People are practising it on the flute, on everything, it’s going to be wonderful.”

And although the piece is relatively straightforward for practised musos, Morrison says that you might want to re-think picking up an instrument for the first time to play The Last Post tomorrow.

“Well, I wouldn’t recommend taking up an instrument now. But if you already play, learning The Last Post shouldn’t be too difficult. I mean, look it’s one of those things to play it perfectly on the solo bugle at a big ceremony with everyone listening, it’s a lot of pressure.

“Standing in your driveway, with hopefully a bunch of other people in your street playing it too…imagine standing at the end of your driveway at dawn tomorrow with a candle and you can hear The Last Post wafting across your suburb. I think it’s going to be very moving.”

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