Over the last couple of days, two mercy flights bringing home around 700 previously stranded Aussies touched down in Adelaide.

And with efforts to repatriate far-flung Aussies ongoing, SA has volunteered to take on at least one more flight.

However, the vision of hundreds of people streaming into Adelaide Airport on a flight originating in India has given some locals pause.

Jodie and Soda chatted to South Australia Police Commissioner Grant Stevens this morning about whether or not people should be concerned about the flights.

“I’d understand why people might be nervous about, I think it’s nearly 700 people coming into Adelaide in the last two days on international flights,” Commissioner Stevens told Jodie and Soda.

“But we’re mindful of that level of concern and we’re also really mindful about the fact that as we were just saying, we’ve done such a great job at stemming the flow of this virus, that we didn’t want to do anything that would upset that.

“So the planning and security arrangements that went into making sure these people got from the plane to their respective hotels was quite complex. These people are properly supervised.”


Listen to the full interview with Police Commissioner Grant Stevens here:

However, despite the passengers alighting in Adelaide, not everybody on the flights is South Australian, why Aussies returning to their homes via Adelaide.

The Commissioner told Jodie and Soda that it’s about SA doing its part for the nation.

“This is about us as one of the jurisdictions in Australia doing our part. We’ve had South Australians that have flown in from overseas into Sydney and Melbourne and those jurisdictions have actually been accommodating South Australians.

“So this is simply our turn to receive some returning Australians, put them through their quarantine process and then enable them to return to their home states.”

As yet, nobody on the flights has tested positive to COVID-19, however, passengers have undergone tests and are under strict quarantine in two Adelaide hotels.


“Nobody who landed was showing symptoms of COVID-19 during their preliminary health screen as they came off the plane. It was a fairly rudimentary screening process,” Commissioner Stevens continued.

“But upon arrival to the hotel, every single passenger is being put through an intensive health check and they’re getting health checks every day. So if there are any symptoms of COVID-19 arising, then we’ll know about it within 24 hours.

“This is why these people are in quarantine, they’re not moving freely through their hotels, they’re quarantined to their hotel room and they cannot leave their hotel room.”