What places do you love in Adelaide? There’s plenty of Iconic Landmarks around!

Take the Malls Balls, Magic Mountain, Hindley Street! (For a few reasons…), and what about Makin Mattresses?! (I wonder what they make there? – We’ve all asked ourselves!)

Time has seen a lot of Adelaide locales and hotspots come and go, but what’s always remained is our old faithful, our esplanade of the ages, the river that we’ve all dared our mates to traverse across in a brazen attempt to disprove their “liquid courage” infused promises of being “the loosest unit”… Settle down Sandra…

But what if this River, the River Torrens became a legitimised place to swim in Adelaide?

Would you swim in it? For real? Are you more game than Erin and Soda?

You can listen to find out…

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