You may have already met Cooper, he’s the inspirational 12-year-old who made the massive call to amputate his left leg after failed, painful surgeries to deal with a missing leg bone.

Cooper was born with fibula hemimelia, a condition that for Cooper meant the complete absence of the fibula bone in his left leg.

In effect, Cooper’s left ankle and foot did not form as they should have, while his left knee had no cruciate ligaments. The condition has seen one of Cooper’s legs grow at a rate faster than the other.

He undertook leg-lengthening surgery, a painful process that involved an external fixator and gradually pulling apart two sections of bone to promote new bone growth. But was ultimately unsuccessful.

Now, post-surgery Cooper has a new leg and a new lease on life.

Jodie & Soda wanted to catch up with young Cooper to hear how everything is going and reveal a massive surprise for him.

Hear Jodie & Soda reveal the big surprise here…