A 59-year-old Victorian man has come back from the dead after suffering a heart attack and having his heart stop for 90 minutes, while paramedics carried out CPR.

Just after 3am, Alistair Blake’s wife Melinda was awoken by what she thought was the sound of her husband snoring.

“She is a very light sleeper”, Alistair told Mix 102.3’s Soda and Erin this morning. “Heard what she thought was snoring but apparently I was gurgling unconscious and the turned the light and saw that I was a paler blue and called 000 and started CPR for a good ten minutes until the paramedics turned up”.

You can listen to the full chat with Alistair here:

The paramedics continued to perform CPR for the next 90 minutes, telling Melinda at one point that the outlook didn’t look good.

As for whether Alistair remembers a bright light or pearly gates, he’s far more pragmatic.

“People ask me whether it was a traumatic experience and from my point of view, I only remember going to bed Saturday night and the next thing I remember is mid-late Thursday morning being on a trolley”.

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