By now you probably know all about Allen’s high-profile rebranding of two of its most famous lollies.

Both Red Skins and Chicos have been re-christened following pressure from those accusing the names of having racist overtones.

However, it seems like the name given to Red Skins might also be at odds with the values of Allen’s, with the company revealing on Monday that they would be rebranding the red lolly as Red Ripper.

A quick Google search reveals that the new name just also happened to be the nickname of a Ukrainian serial killer.

In fact, type “Red Ripper” into Google and you will immediately find Andrei Chikatilo’s Wikipedia page, along with all of his hate-filled crimes.

We’re all for the change away from Red Skins, but the new name does raise some questions of its own.

Why didn’t anybody bring this up during Nestlé’s product meetings? How was it missed?

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