Premier Steven Marshall stopped by the Mix studios this morning to chat about coronavirus, toilet paper and what to say when your kids ask for a pet.

Erin and Soda were chatting about your weird and quirky names for your pets this morning, which got them asking the Premier if he had any pets.

He doesn’t, but he came up with the most perfect retort for when your kids are pestering you for a dog or cat.

Listen to the full chat with the Premier: 

“I said ‘that’s fine, no problems at all’. They said ‘great dad, that’s absolutely brilliant!’ I said ‘all you’ve got to do to get a pet is go for a walk for an hour every night for a month and after that, I’m going to get you a pet because that’s the sort of commitment you actually need to show.”

“Two days later, they said ‘we don’t need a pet, dad’.”

“I just wanted to ask the kids whether they had the resolve, the commitment to do it and…well, no.”