Cat owners know that cats love a cardboard box. 

Unfortunately for some of us, some cats love chewing apart their cardboard boxes and leaving their rubbish all over the kitchen floor for their very patient owner to clean up every day (looking at you, Webster).

But for the rest of the more well-mannered cats out there, a cardboard box is always the best place in the room for a bit of “me time”.

Knowing this, Samsung have re-designed their TV boxes so that they can be turned into a very fancy cardboard pad for your cat.

The new eco-friendly boxes will feature a QR code that you can scan for an instructional manual on how to upcycle your box.


Apart from cat homes, you can download manuals that let you turn the boxes into magazine racks, end tables or shelving.

Of course, Samsung branding is still all over your finished product…smart move, Samsung.

We just don’t know whether cats would actually go for this, in our experience they’re far more likely to stand there and watch you put the whole thing together, only to ignore it once you’re done in favour of sitting on some trash.

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