Let’s be real. We are all becoming lazier every single day, so it’s no surprise many of us are opting for home delivery when it comes to our shopping and food. 

There are stores out there that you’ll need to jump in the car for, and they are totally worth it. However, there is always something in the back of your mind that wishes you were on the couch watching Netflix.

That’s about to change for one store which is about to make your… yearly shop a whole lot easier. Costco is getting an online store!

Yep. You’ll be able to bulk buy your toilet rolls, Nutella and giant Toblerones with a click of a button. The online store will also have exclusive products you won’t be able to find at the standard warehouse!

Unfortunately, there are a few catches. First, any shoppers will still need a membership to shop at Costco.

And secondly, prices will be higher due to shipping. Ouch.

Either way, this will be huge for anyone who has trouble getting into the store or just wants the convenience!