It’s no secret that our good friend of the show Cooper is a massive fan of basketball.

In fact, getting back on to the court is one of the things he’s most looking forward to once he makes it through his recovery.

So it was with great delight this morning that the Adelaide 36ers were able to reveal an exciting surprise for young Coop.

Jodie and Soda welcomed 36ers CEO Ben Kavenagh on to the show this morning and he revealed how much of an inspiration Cooper has been for both him and the entire club.

“I think like a lot of Adelaide we’ve been following Cooper’s inspiration and following his challenges and we’ve had a few chats at the club about it,” Ben shared with Jodie and Soda.

“We’re just really conscious of his love for the game of basketball and, I suppose, one of the incentives for taking the courageous step he did was to get back on the court.”

Listen to the moment the Adelaide 36ers shared their surprise for Cooper now:


But it was the offer that came next that blew us away.

“We want to put the offer out there to Cooper for when he does get back on the court, the first court he steps on is with the 36ers.

“We want to make him part of our family and just give him that extra incentive to get on the court and make it really special for him.”

Despite the generous offer, Kavenagh wasn’t shy in telling Jodie and Soda that he thought that his club would get something out of meeting Cooper too.

“I listened to your interview with him and, I suppose, I loved his attitude that he wasn’t grieving the past he was really optimistic about the future.

“I think there’s a lot that us adults and the people that are even in elite sports could learn from Cooper. So as much as we’d like to help him out, I just think that his attitude washing over our players would be of enormous benefit for us as well.”

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