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Are you always on the go, and finding yourself struggling to think of creative ideas to keep your kids snacks fun and nutritional?

We’ve rounded up the yummiest and easiest snack ideas for your little ones, that will save you a heap of time.

You can thank us later.

3 Ingredient Cookie Bites 
Three ingredients and no baking. Horray!
These easy peasy cookies will have everyone begging for more, and what’s best is that you can make a bunch and store them in the freezer. Just thaw them out slightly, before giving them to your kids.


Veggie Medley
This snack is definitely not breaking news, but it’s a golden oldie. Prep and portion the veggies the night before while making dinner and get your kids onto some great habits early on.



Bubs Organic Little Rollies 
These delicious little bites are bursting with flavour, and contain no artificial additives. From bubs who’ve just graduated to solids to older kids, the soft coconut filling will have everyone hooked.


DIY Trail Mix
If you’re tired of the ol’ trail mix, then it’s time to freshen up this snack and get inspired. You can save a bunch by making this up in big batches at home, and then portioning it into little baggies or containers for snack time.

You can even ask the kids to help you think of new ideas for what to include in your family’s mix!



Cinnamon Apple Chips
This super-easy recipe is a sweet treat without any nasties, and some added fun with their crunch. These crispies can also be stored in an airtight container for up to one week, so get inspired and give them a go!

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