We’ve all got history, and just like that horrible Ex your family’s always keen to remind you of, sometimes you’d prefer people would accept you for who you are now, and graciously move forward from the choices you’ve made prior. You didn’t know any better…

The Adelaide Oval’s Century-Old Scoreboard is no exception to this rule! It has been watching over some of South Australia’s biggest sporting events for generations, and has been the bearer of both good and bad news for hundreds and thousands of spectators.

This scoreboard has fast become a South Australian Icon and is part of our sporting heritage… What if, we could still keep the scoreboard, but we had to move it away form the oval to make room for 7,000 more seats?

It’s 7,000 extra mates that could be the nudge we’d need to get a Grand Final on SA soil. Would you want this to happen?

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