Mix102.3 breakfast hosts Jess and Soda have gone behind the sex work curtain for a revealing insight to the industry from an unlikely source.

Tara Taylor is a 57-year-old mother, grandmother and a sex worker.

She has written a book, ‘Tara: Behind Closed Doors’, which is full of both racy, erotic stories and true insights to the empathy needed to be successful in her work.

Listen below to Jess and Soda’s uncut interview with Tara that goes well beyond what we could air on the radio…

WARNING: Contains adults only content, not suitable for people under 18.

“The profession was so not what I thought it would be, and there’s so much more to it than people realise and I thought it was so important to get it out there,” Tara said.


“I was 47 when I started… I wasn’t going to start at 47. It was up until I was 46 and three quarters that I looked down at sex workers.

“Prostitution and drugs went hand in hand in my mind, it was something I was never going to do, that’s why it’s such a shock.

“(I realised) I’ve misjudged these workers my whole life. They’re the most amazing people in the world as far as I’m concerned.

“As a person it changed me greatly, I used to have a type of person I would date pre sex work… I don’t have a type any more, everyone is special in their own way.

“I have empathy and understanding now of people with depression, I’ve learned so much.”

Tara said she has clients from all different walks of life, ages and nationalities, who pay around $300 to $400 per hour depending on the service.


She detailed some of the extreme requests she’s had from male clients but you’ll have to listen to the audio above for the details of those!

Tara’s book Tara: Behind Closed Doors, is available now from all good book retailers or online. RRP $29.99.