The numbers are in and it’s official, Oliver is the most popular baby name for boys once again, for the seventh year straight.

Meanwhile, Charlotte was the most popular name for young girls born in SA over the year.

According to data from the state’s Consumer and Business Services Office, 247 babies were given one of the two names over 2020.

The names Henry, Leo, Noah and traditional favourite William rounded out the top 5 most popular boys’ names for the year.

Olivia, Amelia, Ava and Isla were the other names in the top 5 most popular girls’ names for 2020 in SA.

According to data revealed by The Advertiser, the lists look quite different now to those 20 years ago.

In 2000, the most popular names for South Aussie boys were Joshua, Jack and Lachlan. Meanwhile, the most popular girls names were Emily, Chloe and Jessica.


According to researchers, the most popular baby names tend to go through 10-year cycles.

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