I’m just going to say it: poached eggs, when done right, are borderline erotic.

Cutting into those delicate yolks, having them runneth over some hot toast and bacon… *stares off into the horizon*

But, when they’re not done right, they’re, well, just wrong.

Which is why we’re shedding a tear that Tia-Louise Bellantone from Perth recently posted this hack to Facebook, which pretty much guarantees a perfectly poached egg every time.

“Don’t know if anyone has already hacked this, but wanted to share anyway,” she wrote.

“I totally suck at mastering the poached egg…so I gave this a go – it worked a dream!”


The trick is to pop the eggs in a silicone baking mould, she used the ones that look like little cupcake pans. The ones she used from Kmart come in a pack of six for a ridiculous bargain of just $1.50.

“I put a tiny bit of cooking spray in the cup and just let some water boil over into it.”

Erotic eggs await.

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