With the surgery having gone well last Monday, Cooper is now back at home and happy to be sleeping in his own bed.

Jodie and Soda caught up with Cooper’s mum Renee to check in on how the family is doing now with everybody back together.

Renee told Jodie and Soda that Coop seems happy with how everything has gone and that the change has had an impact on him immediately.

“He’s really good, he is really bright and happy. In really good spirits. He’s really not shown any sign that he’s not happy with the way he’s gone,” Renee said.

“He actually looked happier than he did before the surgery and a lot of friends have commented on that. So we feel like he’s definitely confident with the way he went and, yeah, you can see it on his face.”

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Renee went on to tell us that Cooper is not in pain, although he has had some discomfort from time-to-time.


“The pain side is really good, he’s generally really comfortable which is a great relief. The only thing he has started to complain about is the nerve pain, he’s getting these, sort of shocks in his leg.

“And we’ve got medication for that, so we’ll address that at his next follow-up. And he got similar shocks when the fixator was on, but yeah he’ll just be sitting on the couch with us and he just looks like he’s shivering. Like this really severe shiver. He says it’s not all that painful, it’s just annoying. It’s sort of interrupting his time sitting on the couch.”

As far as the future goes, Renee says that the family has an unexpected optimism now.

“When we got home from the hospital we sort of thought, ‘Whoa, where do we start? This is our family’s new life beginning’.

“It was just a really unreal feeling and I don’t think we really expected to feel that so that was fantastic.”