“Social Media has a lot to answer for…”

This could bare some real truth…

How many times have you seen ads show up on your devices giving you the “#1 health/fitness tip” that will just so happen to “revolutionise” your life over night and turn you into pristine Baywatch material (with minimal effort).

There’s an imminent pressure to “fix” or change what we look like, particularly as we compare ourselves to people on social media; photoshopped, cut, trimmed, edited and reshaped through countless cosmetic surgeries.

The team spoke to a young woman, who now at 22 has learnt to love herself after spending over $17,000 on cosmetic surgeries since she was 17 years old.

We get a glimpse into her journey and begin to uncover why she chose to change herself, and how she came to terms with who she REALLY was to break the cycle…

Listen to her story below…


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