What a whirl wind! This past week has seen so many important dates pass by in our small corner of the universe…

R U OK Day, Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness Week, the start of what was meant to be the Adelaide Show… It’s been thought provoking, emotional, hilarious and beautiful (in a weird way…)

We’ve had people open up about mental health to share their stories and help others. We’ve given away over 500 show bags to five fantastic South Aussie charities, and we’ve also had the privilege to give away thousands of dollars worth of prizes for Beat The Bomb to some very deserving locals!

The crazy thing is, this couldn’t have happened without you! Thank you for everything.

From takeaway cups, a cup of tea in the bathroom, an absent minded Soda and a “seranation” by G-Nat!on we’ve had a great week!

To give you some value back, re-live it with us right here…