A Kmart kitchen hack shared by an Australian woman on Facebook has divided the internet into two very spirited camps.

Kmart fan Jessica posted her ‘Breakfast Station’ hack into the Facebook group Kmart Hacks & Décor, which utilised a $16 kmart shelving unit to store her breakfast toppings.

However, it was the presence of the giant tub of butter that left many fellow Kmart fans perplexed.

Source: Kmart Hacks & Decor

And while many praised the idea for its simplicity, others questioned why her butter wasn’t in the fridge.

One user labelled the appearance of the butter on a shelf “plain wrong” while others were more reserved in their criticism with one person writing: “butter should be kept in the fridge is my personal opinion.”

Some did, however, jump to Jessica’s defence, with many writing that they didn’t understand the freak out over the butter.


The situation has been labelled ‘Buttergate’ lending the controversy the air of importance usually only reserved to the world’s biggest political scandals.

And we think that is entirely justified because who in their right mind keeps their butter out of the fridge?

In case you were wondering, the shelf that kicked off this whole situation is still available at Kmart for $16.

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