From 12:01am on Sunday, South Australians will be free to travel in EVERY state and territory for the first time since COVID-19 border closures in March 2020.

As we open our borders to Greater Sydney on Sunday, we are FINALLY reaching a new COVD-normal with South Australians able to travel in every state without having to isolate.

For those returning from Greater Sydney, you will have to get a COVID test on day one and isolate until your results return negative. But then you will be free to roam the wonders of Adelaide, though you will have to get a test on day five and twelve as well.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said, “I don’t know that we are going to see too many more changes in what we can free up.”

Mr Stevens revealed there is discussion over lifting the Major Emergency Declaration which has been in place for 10 months. Meaning there would need to be specific legislation to enforce mandatory QR codes, COVID marshals and venue limits which were made under the declaration.

So, start planning that Australian-wide trip you’ve been putting off because we will be officially open from Sunday 12:01!

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