South Australia will move to better define rules around Kiwi travellers after five unexpectedly arrived in South Australia from Sydney.

SA authorities were reportedly not expecting to receive the tourists, although the rules around the newly-implemented travel bubble have been cause for confusion.

While New Zealanders have been welcomed back into Australia for the first time in months, they are not permitted to fly into most Australian states.

Travellers from across the ditch are permitted to fly into New South Wales and Northern Territory.

However, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia have all now reported receiving Kiwi tourists despite not opting into the travel bubble.

Questions are now being asked whether or not New Zealanders are allowed to move throughout Australia without being subjected to quarantine.

SA police have advised that the Kiwi travellers are allowed to enter the state, despite the fact that SA have not yet entered the bubble officially.


The 5 arrivals are now quarantining in hotels throughout Adelaide at their own cost.

The state’s transition committee is set to meet today and will discuss the restrictions on travel into the state for Kiwis, along with those coming from New South Wales and country Victoria.

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