After 15 straight weeks in lockdown, Melburnians have woken up this morning to a new sense of freedom as businesses closed for months are once again allowed to open their doors.

Retail and cafes are once again permitted to welcome customers in-store, and for those who have been eating out of styrofoam containers and spending 23 hours a day indoors, it’s huge.

One Melburnian on whom the excitement is not lost is Judith Lucy, who greeted Jodie & Soda this morning with something sounding like an excited Wookiee’s battle cry.

“I’m drinking tequila, I’m so excited! I cannot even tell you what it’s like,” Judith told Jodie & Soda about finally leaving lockdown.

Although when Jodie suggested that Judith’s time in lockdown didn’t sound quite so bad, the comedian suggested that she check herself into a minimum security prison for an idea of what 112 days indoors feels like.

Take a listen to exactly how dire things got during Melbourne’s lockdown here…

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