A woman in Scotland has 90 per cent of her body covered in tattoos as a “wild tribute” to her father.

“My dad had two sleeves when I was growing up and I always wanted them,” Nadine Anderson told the New York Post.

“I was constantly looking at Pinterest forums and stuff; looking at new tattoo styles that were coming out and body modifications, deciding how I wanted to look when I turned 18.”

The 23-year-old healthcare assistant got her first tattoo as soon as she was “legally allowed”. It was at that moment that her tattoo obsession began, prompting her to return for another just one month later.

In just five years, Nadine’s look has transformed. She has now “lost count” of how many tattoos make up her “whole bodysuit” but claims that she has spent close to $AU30,000 covering up 90 per cent of her body. She also has various piercing, scarification on her head and a split tongue, which she flew to Germany for as UK laws prevent piercing parlours from carrying out such a procedure.

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INK-REDIBLE!! Dundee care assistant has spent £15,000 covering 90 per cent of her body in tattoos. Nadine Anderson, from Dundee, has always been fascinated by tattoos and body modifications and has gone to painstaking lengths to achieve her look. “My dad had two sleeves when I was growing up and I always wanted them. I got into tattoos growing up always with the aim of getting them and then when I was eighteen, I went for it. “I was the classic daddy’s girl growing up, and seeing my dad covered in that I always knew I wanted to be like him and have all that kind of stuff. “As I grew up my interest in tattoos piqued more and more through the years until I was eventually, I hit eighteen and legally allowed to get a tattoo." Over the last five years Nadine’s look has evolved, adding numerous piercings, scarification on her head, and a split tongue – which she flew over to Germany to have done due to laws in the UK that prevent piercing parlours from carrying out the procedure. She says she’s lost count of how many tattoos she has as they all now make up her ‘body suit’ and have morphed into one large piece. But Nadine urged caution for others thinking about extreme boy art, saying: “I’m happy to give my advice about aftercare for tattoos. “But if they’re ever like ‘I want a blackout sleeve but I’m don’t know if I should’ then I always answer ’no’ because I think the moment you have an uncertainty then you shouldn’t do it. . . . . . #tattoos #inked #ink #tattooed #inkedGirls #inkedUp #girlsWithTattoos #tattooLife #dundee #nadineAnderson #loves_scotland #scotlandlover #scotland_lover #scotlandlove #visualsofScotland #igersScots #ig_scot #scotlandBeauty #iloveScotland #scotland4you #loveScotland💙 #scottishShots #unlimitedScotland #News #weLoveScotland #ScottishNews #ScotlandNews #ScottishSun #theScottishSun #ScottishSunInsta @devlin_616

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So, what’s next?

“I think I would add a little bit more under my right eye because there’s spaces I want to fill up eventually, but that’s all I would probably add is just a little tiny piece on it because I think I’ve got quite a lot on it now,” she told the publication.

“You can still tell what my features are like naturally, and I wouldn’t want to take away from that because I think that’s the beauty of that tattoo.”