A British woman has contracted a life-threatening infection after getting a tattoo from an unlicensed artist.

20-year-old Nancy Anderson was left with permanent scars after the ink left her with a festering hole in her wrist.

After failing to get an appointment at her favourite tattoo parlour, her friends encouraged her to message a man who tattooed clients at his house for a bargain. 

The 20-year-old realised something was wrong when the alleged tattooist did not wrap the ink with cling film – a key part of the tattooing process to avoid infection.

“Every time I’ve had a tattoo in the past, they always covered everything in cling film but he just put tissue on top,” she told The Sun.


“When I asked him for cling film he said it wasn’t necessary.”

Not only that, but Nancy claims the pain was “excruciating”. 

This was just horrible, I had to get him to stop as it was so bad,” she said.

It wasn’t until the next day that things took a turn for the worse. Nancy lost all feeling in one arm, prompting her to make her way to hospital where she was told she had a deadly infection which required urgent treatment. 

“They said my arm was infected and they needed to stop it reaching my heart,” she told the publication.


“Where my hand was so swollen, I was told it was stopping my blood circulating and I had to be kept in overnight.”

Nancy is now highlighting the importance of getting tattoos from licensed artists, irregardless of the cost.

“It’s not worth the risk just to save some money.

“I’ve been left with permanent scars and I don’t think any professional will be able to fix it.”