Have you had the chance to do an escape room yet?

For those unfamiliar, the basic concept sees you locked in a room for an hour. The only way you can get out is by finding clues and solving puzzles hidden around the room.

If you’ve never been, you need to gather a bunch of mates and experience the fun (but also very high-stress environment) of one.

And now just might be the best time to pop your escape room cherry with a new venue opening its doors in Hindmarsh.

Esc Rooms is the brainchild of Amazing Race contestants Alana and Niko Pappas, and features three themed escape rooms along with a bar.

One of the rooms is themed after the horror movie series Saw and looks absolutely terrifying.


The second is slightly more light-hearted, themed after the comedy film The Hangover.

You can find all the info about the new escape rooms, and book yourself in at https://www.escrooms.com.au/

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