An Adelaide man has been left stranded and unable to enter either his home state of South Australia or New South Wales after being refused entry to both states.

Court heard that the man failed to comply with COVID directions after entering South Australia earlier this month, entering South Australia without the requisite approvals.

He spent a two-week quarantine period behind bars.

The man, who runs a wholesale food and produce business, left SA to collect products from NSW, but was then refused entry by that state’s border patrols.

When he turned around to return to SA, he was refused entry to his home state for failing to produce his essential travel number.

Running low on petrol, he reportedly drove to a nearby petrol station, but with no cash for petrol bought candles and stayed in his van for hours.

He eventually called his friend to take him home, reportedly bypassing a border checkpoint to re-enter the state.


He was handed a two-month suspended sentence on a 12-month good behaviour bond.

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