Back in March, Adelaide’s Germein were all set to head off on their 2020 tour, but one or two…world events stood in the way of that.

Instead, the sister trio are kicking off their virtual world tour, performing virtually for fans in 36 countries all at 7pm local time, all from Adelaide.

The virtual world tour comes off the back of last year’s world tour in support of a massive pop group.

Germein supported British girl group Little Mix on their Europe tour and said that the whole experience was surreal.

“We’d never played in front of stadium audiences before, with the crowds ranging from 25K to 35,000 people every night for 15 nights,” bass guitarist Ella Germein says.

“Definitely one of those ‘pinch me please, is this real?’ kind of moments.”

For now, Georgia, Ella and Clara will have to play in front of audiences of people locked down in their houses, with the virtual world tour kicking off tonight.


You can watch the sisters’ performance tonight at 7pm here:

Take a listen to Germein on iHeartRadio here: