The South Australian Government is set to overhaul multiple bus routes across Adelaide to ensure routes are more regular and direct, which means hundreds of stops will be axed.

The State Government released its consolation process for the new bus network on Sunday, which is aimed at increasing the number of people who use the network.

More than 1,000 stops, which will be known as Go Zones, will be created as part of the new design, which will allow services to run every 15 minutes.

However, hundreds of bus stops will need to be scrapped or reduced to make way for the proposed service.

SA Transport Minister Stephan Knoll said 700,000 people will live within 800-metres of a Go Zone.

“For around 200,000 extra people, they will get a doubling, tripling and in some case quadrupling of the number of buses that will drive past their bus stop,” he said.

Changes to the network will include 1089 Go Zone stops, 200 kilometres more Go Zone coverage and 45 Go Zone corridors.


It will include an on-demand service in Seacombe Gardens, Seaview Downs, Blackwood, Le Fevre Peninsula and an upgrade in Gawler.

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