Adelaide has so many charitable people and organisations that always step up when our most vulnerable need just a little bit of help.

We are continually amazed by the generosity of South Aussies, and this morning was just another example of this.

Vinnie’s are one of those organisations that our community has come to depend on in times of need. They offer support to those hit by inequality, poverty or other injustices through our society. And one of the many important services they offer is the Vinnie’s Women’s Crisis Centre.

The centre supports women and children in need of emergency housing. Unfortunately, every year the demand for the service continues to increase, with the centre now showing signs of wear from the sheer number of people using its facilities.

Mix 102.3 has teamed up with Vinnie’s, along with partners Scrap Hotline and Recyclers SA to help raise money and awareness for the centre as part of the Tinnies for Vinnie’s initiative.

We have been calling on Adelaide to get behind the initiative, by donating refundable cans and bottles to any of the 70 locations around SA. Money from the container deposits goes on to help refresh the centre for those who need to use its facilities.

With the people of Adelaide already rallying behind the project, we put the call out to businesses of Adelaide this morning to see if we could muster up some more help. And, of course, we were blown away by how quickly Adelaide responded to the call.


Two of the things that keep cropping up when we spoke to those familiar with the centre were that the inside of the place could use a fresh coat of paint throughout, and that there were parts of the centre that was desperately in need of some new flooring.

And before we knew it, we had someone donating all the paint for the interior of the centre.

Daph Crowhurst from Crowies Wattyl Paint Centre called through to generously donate all the paint needed to refresh the inside of the centre. Daph told Soda this morning that they “would like to brighten it up, freshen it up and make it clean and fresh and inviting. For those people who are having a crisis in their life, it’s a tough gig.”

Then, before we could blink, Luke Jones from Painters In Adelaide was offering up four of his painters’ services to actually do the work.

“We’ll do the whole lot, come through, we’ll get a team there and get it all done, freshen the place up throughout,” Luke told Mix 102.3.

“We’re more than happy to jump on board to supply all the labour for the project and try and help out where we can.”


When it came to the centre’s flooring, the reaction was no different, with Jesse Roberts from JFloors generously offering to remove all the old flooring, then supply and install new flooring throughout the centre.

“We had a good chat in the office here and would like to donate all the flooring, all the install, basically everything to get this place up-and-running. And further to that, we’ll offer ongoing support for however long it’s needed.”

But that wasn’t where the generosity ended!

We were nearly speechless when Foodland CEO Franklin dos Santos told us how much the supermarket wanted to donate to the cause.

“Foodland is passionate about supporting and caring for the local community that supports us. We’re honoured to provide a helping hand to make sure this gets done and to ensure the shelter is a safe and secure environment for those that need to attend it.”

AND the good people from Mitre 10 chipped in with a huge $5,000 donation toward the Foodland community chest which will go toward the centre’s playground and outdoor area.


We couldn’t be more proud of Adelaide!

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