An elderly Adelaide woman has been threatened with a $30,000 fine for feeding birds at her home, according to 7News.

Elizabeth Vlajkov, 72,  is said to attract 600 pigeons to her home in Adelaide’s north and her neighbours have complained.

Salisbury Council said it has received  “ongoing complaints” about Ms Vlajkov

“Prior to the notice being issued, (Salisbury) Council previously sent correspondence on this matter to the resident on three other occasions and did not receive a response,” a City of Salisbury spokesperson said.

“The activity of bird feeding results in noise, odours, faeces and roosting on properties or structures.

“Council would welcome the opportunity to discuss the matter further with the resident, and the resident has the right to appeal the notice. Failure to comply with the notice may result in a fine being issued.”

Ms Vlajkov told Channel 7 “Charging the old lady for pigeon feeding … that’s awful.’’