Alistair from Vale Park is $10,000 richer after claiming the third and final prize in Mix102.3’s Secret Sound of Adelaide.

The husband and father-of-two told Michelle Murphy just after 10am on Tuesday that he thought the mysterious sound involved an anchor at Semaphore.

Listen to the moment he claimed his massive prize in the video above.

“The location is down on the Semaphore foreshore and there’s an old anchor that’s got a couple of little chains that are linked together and I think it’s rattling those chains,” he said.

Michelle then asked him how he thought the cryptic clue ‘John Travolta’ fitted into that guess.

“That’s the only clue I can’t relate to it,” Alistair said. “I can’t find any of his movies that relate.”

“I think I know the anchor you’re talking about,” Michelle replied, dropping a little hint of what was to come. “It’s called the ‘Star Of Greece’.”


She then played the sound effect that meant Alistair was right – he had won $10,000.

“Are you serious?” Alistair said first.

“I don’t believe that, you’re kidding me. Far out. I’m gobsmacked. No-one’s gonna believe it.

“Brilliant, thanks Michelle, thank you 102.3, that is unbelievable.

“Look out Townsville, I think we’re coming.”

Alistair had actually visited the anchor this morning to check if he was on the right track.


“I went down to the anchor first thing this morning,” he said. “I tried the different fittings on there, they were all welded except the little chains, they were the only things you could move around.

“When you moved it, it actually made the exact same sound. I couldn’t believe it, I knew straight away that was it.”

Alistair’s win means we’ve given away $30,000 to three winners of three separate secret sounds of Adelaide across the past five weeks.

The first sound was won by Angie from McLaren Vale! She correctly guessed that it was the door opening of the Conservatory in the Botanic Gardens.


The second sound was won by Sally from Banksia Park who identified the sound as jiggling the lock on the toll house at the bottom of the South Eastern Freeway at Glen Osmond.

But even better than that, we’ve also made almost 100 donations of $100 to the charities of Adelaide, entirely chosen by you.


Everyone who guessed – rightly or wrongly – was able to choose a charity that Mix102.3 would donate $100 in their name. The final tally was as follows…

Cancer Council $800
Beyond Blue $700
Royal Flying Doctor Service $400
Childhood Cancer Association $400
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation $400
RSPCA $400
MS Society $300
Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation $200
The Heart Foundation $200
Dementia Australia $200
Diabetes SA $200
National Breast Cancer Foundation $200
Parkinsons SA $200
Ronald McDonald House $200
Ovarian Cancer Australia $200
Salvation Army $200
Leukaemia Foundation $100
AMCR Aussie Muscle Car Run for the Leukaemia Foundation $100
Diabetes Australia $100
Backpacks 4 SA Kids $100
The Butterfly Foundation $100
Muscular Dystrophy Foundation South Australia $100
Flinders Medical Centre Foundation $100
Ovarian Cancer $100
Angel Flight $100
The Don Dunstan Foundation $100
Love, Hope and Gratitude Australia $100
Southern Cross Kids Camp $100
Red Kite $100
Heart Kids $100
Share The Dignity $100
Crippled Children’s Association $100
YP Puppy Rescue $100
Children’s Tumour Foundation $100
Compassionate Friends $100
Guide Dogs SA $100
Novita $100
Orange Sky Australia $100
MS Research Foundation $100
Deaf Can:Do $100
The Smith Family $100
Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation $100
Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation $100
Cystic Fibrosis Australia $100
NeuroSurgical Research Foundation $100
Lymphoma Australia $100
Heart and Soul Food Assistance $100
CanTeen $100


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