In the latest ‘they did the math’ news, one Aussie genius has shared her strategy to score the most amount of Ooshies for the least amount of cash.

For every $30 a shopper spends at Woolies, they can claim a Lion King Ooshie… but some products attract bonus collectables.

So, like an episode of Extreme Couponing (I’ve said too much already), Woolies customer Lisa shared her shopping list to the (take a deep breath) Woolworths Lion King & Coles Mini Shop 2 Australia – Swap, Sell and Buy Facebook group, which detailed how she was able to score 21 Ooshies for just $33.

“This week’s shopping list, hope this helps,” she posted, complete with a winky-face.

“If you buy 5 of each of the first 4 products on the list, you will get 21 Ooshies for $33.25,” she later added. “If you buy 5 of each of everything on the list you will get 54 Ooshies and it will cost you $132.95.”


Lisa’s full shopping list:

  • Purina One Cat Food Pouches – $1.20 x 5 = $6
  • Active Shot Yoghurt – $1.75 x 5 = $8.75
  • D’Orsogna Leg Ham ($14 per kilo) 100g only – $1.70 x 5 = $8.50
  • Dettol Hand Wash – $2 x 5 = $10
  • Birds Eye Corn – $2.30 x 5 = $11.50
  • Oral B Kids Toothpaste/Toothbrush – $2.80 x 5 = $14
  • Gillette Shaving Cream – $2.85 x 5 = $14.25
  • Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner – $2.99 x 5 = $14.95
  • Arnolds Farm Snack Bars – $3.50 x 5 = $17.50
  • Cold Power $5.50 x 5 = $27.50

The comment thread was, of course, left frothing.

“Thanks for posting this, so doing this tomorrow, my daughter will be so excited when she gets home from school to lots of them”

“So glad I seen this hack before my shop today haha”

“You’re amazing. Thank you! Not all heroes wear capes!”


It comes just a day after another Ooshie fan got absolutely roasted over trying to use a receipt they found to claim someone else’s 13 Ooshies.

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