Mark Soderstrom has accepted a challenge from Travis Boak and will soon attempt to join the fashion elite by wearing a suit with no socks and a so-called ‘Man-Brooch’.

We’re not actually joking.

Soda, the Mix102.3 breakfast host, has spent most of the week talking about the brooch and no-socks look that Boak wore to the Port Adelaide Football Club Best and Fairest on Friday night and this morning he got to talk to Boaky about it in person.

Watch the video above as Boaky discusses his outrageous Best and Fairest outfit and lays down the challenge to Soda to emulate it.

Soda already teamed up with Crow Tom Lynch to rip into Boak for the look which Lynch said certainly was “an outfit in which he knows he’s going to win the Best and Fairest”.


Lynch then added a stylish brooch (from Michelle Murphy’s grandmother) to his grey hoodie just to take the mickey out of his Power rival.

“He’s done a good job,” Boaky said. “He looks so much better with the brooch on now too and it goes with the hoodie. It doesn’t stand out too much it’s just enough.”


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Who Brooched Better?! @travisboak10 or @tom_lynch27? 😂😂

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Boak backed in his no-socks look heavily, saying it was the second year in a row he’d done it and that was just the fashion. But he did reveal some hesitation over the brooch (or lapel pin as he prefers), which was a first for him.

“It is pretty big isn’t it that brooch when you look at it,” Boak said. “I’d never done it before and I went into Calibre and he said ‘what about this’ and I was ‘hmmm dunno… let’s go with it.”

Boak duly delivered on everyone’s expectations by claiming his second John Cahill Medal as the Power’s best-and-fairest player for the season but the outfit has got as much attention as anything he did on the field.


However, if he has his way, he won’t be the only one to appear in it.

Boak said he’d line up Soda to go into Calibre and wear the exact same outfit next time Soda has to host a black-tie event.

Soda put up a token bit of resistance before saying: “I will accept the challenge. I will dress as Travis Boak… the brooch challenge is on!”

We’re going to need pics of that!

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