Soda and Erin Phillips will celebrate South Australia’s ‘Triple Zero Heroes’ in the coming weeks with a new segment on the Mix102.3 breakfast show.

With access to the real calls made to the 000 hotline in South Australia, Mix102.3 will be giving Adelaide an incredible insight to the quick thinking, calmness under pressure, and heroic nature of our emergency hotline personnel.

Best of all, Soda and Erin Phillips will be reuniting the 000 callers with their emergency operators, who in many cases have saved their lives with their directions over the phone and will be speaking again for the first time.

KIIS1065’s Kyle and Jackie O show has previously run a similar segment in Sydney, celebrating their city’s ‘Triple Zero Heroes’. One stand out was when Tom called 000 at 4am in the morning when his wife went into labor at home, and there was not enough time to get her to the hospital.

Listen to the incredible full audio below of the 000 emergency call and the reunion between the parents and the 000 operator, Laura.