All week we’ve been handing out the clues to get everything just that little bit closer to Jodie & Soda’s Secret Sound.

Today’s clue was “Push or Pull,” it’s a handy hint (although that’s easy for us to say, we actually knew what the Secret Sound was!)

Tanya from Yorke Peninsula called through with her guess, it was going to be the sound of using a razor.

If she guessed that on air, she’d have been wrong and we’d have added it to our long list of incorrect guesses.

Fortunately, upon hearing the clue, Tanya changed her mind at the VERY. LAST. MINUTE! And it paid off!

Take a listen to find out what the Secret Sound actually was and hear Tanya’s reaction when she found out she won here:


And just because Tanya has taken home $10,000, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any more chances to win.

Listen in throughout your Feel Good Workday with Michelle Murphy and then again at 7:30 with Jodie & Soda to play to win Jodie & Soda’s 4th Secret Sound!

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