This morning, Jodie and Soda introduced us to Jed Altschwager, he’s a champion rower who lost his leg in a workplace accident in 2015.

Since then, Jed’s story has been one of resilience and overcoming adversity to achieve his dreams.

Sound familiar? It should, Jed is Cooper’s mentor and he told Jodie and Soda about how well Cooper is going in his rehabilitation and the similarities he sees in his journey.

“He’s absolutely killing it from my point of view,” Jed told Jodie and Soda.

“Just the resilience of this young lad, he’s bulletproof.

“I can just see every little step he takes and it reminds of the steps that I take, for instance, just seeing him go out and wear his leg all day … I remember that being a huge step in the right direction.”

Take a listen to Jed’s full chat with Jodie & Soda here…

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