In no uncertain terms, Anna Meares is a bona fide South Australian sporting legend, her story of overcoming a broken neck to come back and compete at the 2008 Beijing Games is sporting folklore.

Jodie & Soda caught up with Anna this morning after learning that she had recently become a foster carer.

She told them of the moment that led to her signing up to become an emergency carer for kids.

“I couldn’t believe how much need there was in our own backyard, and so I became a foster parent,” Anna told Jodie and Soda.

“I was just struck by the fact that so many Aussie kids and indeed South Australians kids are, you know right in our own backyard here are in need of a safe roof each night and someone to care for them.

“You know, I had empty beds and rooms in my home, I had food in my fridge and it goes a long way.”

Take a listen to the full chat with Anna Meares here:


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