Erin Phillips has broken all the golden rules of radio in her first seven days on-air at Mix102.3, giving out Adelaide radio’s first major prize of the year on Tuesday morning.

The Crows AFLW superstar joined Soda on the Mix102.3 breakfast show last week, and quickly conned Barry the boss into telling her the answer to the $10,000 Secret Sound.

She then embarked on a mission to help the people of Adelaide decipher the sound and win themselves $10,000 by giving out clues every single day.

This morning it all paid off for Mia from Aberfoyle Park. Listen to the full audio of the moment Mia guessed the Secret Sound and won $10,000…

“I think it’s setting a mouse trap,” Mia told Erin and Soda after saying she was not confident. “Those old-fashioned wooden mouse traps. You pull that lever over and it flips over and you try to keep it in place without getting your fingers snapped, that part.”

They went to the sound effect for the answer and it started dinging and whooping, prompting Erin to jump in and say: “Mia, you have just won $10,000!”

“Are you serious,” Mia said (from what we could decipher through the squeals). “You’re not joking right?”


“When is the last time you set a mouse trap?” Soda asked her.

“Never, I’m too scared,” Mia replied I’ve seen someone get their fingers caught in one!”

Mia said she would be buying some nice comfortable sneakers and paying lots of bills.

Soda’s focus soon switched to Erin who he accused of “going rogue” by helping give away such a big cash prize so early in the year.

“You have swanned into this joint for one week and two days, you’ve given out clues left, right and centre and you have given away $10,000 already to Mia,” Soda said.

“I’m trying to just bring love to the listeners,” Erin replied.


Soda agreed. “Isn’t this the best part of the job?” he said. “I haven’t seen Barry yet, he’ll be like ‘this is meant to last for five weeks’. No Barry, it’s meant to go to our Friends Of The Show, well done Mia.”

Best of all, Erin and Soda announced soon after that there would be a new Secret Sound tomorrow, with another $10,000 up for grabs.

Mia told Erin that her clues were much better than anything Soda had given out before, so will Erin find out the answer again and keep giving out clues? We’ll find out tomorrow!